About Us

Brookline Improvement Coalition, Inc. (“BIC”) was established in 1980 by the Town. It is the Brookline’s Community Development Corporation (“CDC”), charged with furthering housing opportunities in Brookline.  It is 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. BIC focuses on low and moderate-income households. BIC has a long history of successful affordable housing projects including development and operation of residential rental properties, an Equity Transfer Assistance Program and Energy Assistance Program.  BIC continues to work on ensuring more affordable rental options in the Town, including via development. 

Board of Directors

BIC’s Board of Directors consists of 10 Brookline residents. The Board members reflect a broad range of skills and experience in affordable housing, both in and beyond the Town. Members include an architect, a banker, two attorneys, a realtor, current residents of affordable housing and persons involved in affordable housing development, finance and management. Among these individuals there are many, many decades of affordable housing planning and development experience.

Roger Lipson, President


Michael Rosenberg, Vice President


Thomas Nutt-Powell


Lee Cooke Childs, Clerk


Nondita Correa Mehrotra


Yvette Johnson, Assistant Treasurer

Saul J. Feldman

Rita McNally

Rieko Hayashi

Michael Weintraub


Dara Weinberger, Administrator